African food as medicine 4-week cooking and healthy eating class- $197

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Improve Your Health with Everyday African Foods

And lean into the cultures of the motherland

What you eat can be the most powerful tool for good health. In many parts of Africa and her diaspora, food is culture, identity, celebration and healing. Elders across generations have shared recipes, secrets and techniques to including heritage favourites such as millet, cowpeas, cassava and a plethora of indigenous, seasonal vegetables.  As people of African descent have transitioned from these foods to western-style diets centered in high fat, high sodium, sugary processed foods, culture has been lost and the rates of non-communicable diseases have increased.

                                    It's time to take back our health and it starts by reclaiming our foodways.

This 4-week dietitian nutritionist-led, cooking class explores the evidence supporting African foods as medicine and gives easy cooking and practical diet tips that allow participants use easily accessible African foods in a personalized eating plan that accelerates health without giving up on the bold, delicious flavors of the motherland and her diaspora. 

Here's What You will Learn:

  • Characteristics of traditional African diets and why they promote great health
  • The changes in our eating patterns that are causing an increase in chronic/noncommunicable disease
  • How to create an eating plan that includes the African foods YOU love, can afford, can access and is tailored to you
  • Easy peasy steps you must take to create an Afro-cultural plate that heals  
  • How to prepare  African foods that are good for you and loaded with flavor

What You Will Get:

African Food As Medicine
  • Access into our exclusive Maitano Kitchen where good health begins 
  • Weekly video content to watch and learn the basics of creating healthy African heritage eating plans
  •  4- live, virtual, dietitian-led  cooking classes 
  • Private group membership to discuss cooking and health
  •  1-year access to course material and recorded cooking classes 

Access to our state-of-the-art meal planner to help you personalise suggested meal plans and create shopping lists
Access to our recipe library packed with favorite dishes from the African Diaspora, some with modern twists of traditional favourites

"Cordialis is an outstanding presenter. She was engaging and enthusiastic, providing a wealth of information without overwhelming attendees.  The slides are complementary with visuals to enhance the verbal information. I truly can not think of a better presenter/presentation I have encountered recently

Cooking Class Participant

"Cordialis did an outstanding job of pacing the demo so that I could follow along, as well as prioritising which recipes were made first. My chakalaka was even better after sitting while I work on the other recipes. 

Cooking Class Participant

"The recipes were authentic, simple and VERY flavorful despite the simplicity of the ingredients and cooking methods. "

Cooking Class Participant

Do you want to improve your health through food? 

Our course gives you the foundation you need to follow to create meals that heal while using African foods and other ingredients that you love, have access to and simply enjoy. 

Cordialis Kasago, MA, RDN, DipACLM, DipIBLM

Cordialis is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional certified by both the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine and International Board of Lifestyle Medicine. Equipped with over 25 years of experience in clinical nutrition and food service management, she is a believer of identifying the real causes of illness and treating them through good food and lifestyle choices. 

An avid writer, media dietitian and prolific speaker, Cordialis serves as a Media Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professions and regularly gives expert nutrition and health opinions for mainstream media including CNN, The New York Times and the Washington Post.  She is also a contributor for health media outlets that include, Food and Nutrition Magazine and Radiant Health Magazine.

Cordialis is a graduate of the California State University, Los Angeles Nutritional Sciences program and holds a Master’s of Arts in African Area Studies with an emphasis on Public Health. She is a Certified Diabetes Lifestyle Coach,  Food Safety Manager and has a Certifcate of Advanced Weight Management for Adults.

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